Popular Interview Questions Used For 911 Dispatchers

Emergency services police woman

When preparing for your job interview to become a 911 dispatcher with one of the public safety agencies, the interview will typically not be longer than one hour. However, the consequences of this interview can last for years to come. For this reason you will want the interview-panel to be able to recognize you as a qualified candidate and you will want to come prepared. Below are some of the questions that will be asked of you and how you should respond.

1.What Type Of Experience Do You Have In This Particular Dispatch Field?

It would be in your favor if you are applying for a position that you already have a lot of experience in. If this is the case it is best to mention all of this experience. However, if you happen to looking to try out a new career path, you may not have experience to speak of. This is when a bit of honest creativity is needed so that you can match up with the experience needed with the one you already possess. For example you can highlight that you have people skills or that your customer service-skills can be applied within the offered position.

2.What Do You Recognize As Your Greatest Weakness?

This may be a somewhat challenging question, and if you had to answer that you have no weaknesses you would probably be viewed as been dishonest. When answering be realistic and perhaps mention a work-related flaw that is minor. Other ways to answer this question in a positive way would be to mention a weakness and then go onto say what you have done to improve on or overcome this weakness.

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3.What Type Of Challenges Are You In Search Of With This Position?

This is a standard type of interview question to decide what you is in search of for your next career opportunity as well as if you would be an appropriate candidate for the available position. One of the better ways to answer this question would be discuss areas on how you would be able to use the experience and skills you have in an effective way if you were hired for this position. You may also want to mention how challenges motivate you and how you have the skills to meet up with challenges.

4.Have You Had Conflicts With Your Last Professor Or Boss and How Was This Issue Resolved?

If you happen to answer this question with a no, the interviewer will probe deeper in order to arrive at a conflict. The important part of this interview question is how you reacted behaviorally to this conflict and what actions you followed in order to resolve the problem. The best advice when answering the question is to focus on the “behavioral” process to resolve such conflicts.

5.What Do You Know About Our Company?

When you go for any interview it is advisable to always follow these research steps:

  • Go onto the company’s website and read up on the “careers” and “about us” sections
  • Visit the LinkedIn page for the company and look up information on the company
  • Or Google a keyword phrase such as “press releases” that is followed up with the companies name

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