How to Choose a 911 Dispatcher School

911 dispatcher students talking

A lot of 911 dispatchers obtain their certificate through an emergency dispatch or telecommunications program at a technical school or community college. These programs cover topics in crisis intervention and communication technology. Law enforcement agencies and professional organizations may have certificate programs, but they are not common.

The following are the best ways for choosing a 911 dispatcher school.

Duration of the Program

There are programs that take about 6 weeks and others take one year. Therefore, if you want to take a program that takes 6 weeks, then choose a dispatcher school that offers this program. You can even ask the school to give you a list of their programs. Then pick the one that has the programs that you want to take.

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Recognized Programs

Make sure that the program of the school you want to choose meets the criteria for a national recognized agency. Some of these agencies include; National Academies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED). If you don’t check the programs of the 911 dispatcher school you want to join, then you might pick a program that is not recognized. Therefore, you will waste your time and money if you take them.

Hands-On Training

Make sure that the programs of the 911 dispatcher school you want to join include hands-on training. These training should be done with different telecommunications devices and switchboards. This helps you to get the necessary experience that you will need when you are working. You will learn how to handle and use different communication devices when you are still taking the program.

Interpersonal Communication Studies

Make sure that the program you want to take incorporate interpersonal communication studies. Or it should include operator and telecommunication skills. You are going to a 911 dispatcher school to learn. Make sure that the school you are going will help you acquire new skills. Communication skill is important, especially when you are working. You need to learn this skill, because it will help you when you are talking with other people.

Meets your Needs

Find a 911 dispatcher school that has programs that are geared toward your educational needs. You might be looking for a supplementary to an emergency skill that you have gained already or you are starting from scratch. Therefore, choose a school that meets your needs. It is important to go through all the programs that the school provides. This helps to pick the right program that you can take.

Experience of the School

There are different 911 dispatcher schools, so it might be hard to pick the right one. The best ones are those that have been training new people for several years. Some of these schools have a good reputation, but there are some schools that have negative reputation. The ones that have been in this business for several years are the best, so you will never have a problem with them. They have the best trainers.

These are the best ways for choosing a 911 dispatcher school. You can use these tips when you are searching for the right school.

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