How Much Money Does A 911 Dispatcher Make?

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Salaries for 911 Emergency Services Dispatchers

According to the National Emergency Number Association, there are about 6,100 emergency call centers across the country that handle over 200 million emergency calls every year. Currently, there are 100,000 dispatchers employed across the country, and it is projected that there are about 10,000 dispatchers hired every year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the average salary for a 911 dispatchers (including police, fire and ambulance dispatchers) earned about $36,300 in 2012. The top 10 percentile earned over $56,580.

911 Dispatcher Salaries Across the United States

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Salaries will vary from state to state. This will reflect the cost of living in different parts of the country. Take California for example, in that state the average annual income was $55,720 in 2012. This is nearly $20,000 above the national average. Nevada comes in as a close second, where the average salary was $52,980, and in Washington where the average salary was about $50,990 in the same year. Other top-paying state include Oregon, at $50,070, and Minnesota, at $47,190.

However, employment rates and salaries are not going to be the same. The BLS reported that West Virginia employed the most dispatchers than any other state in the country, but their average income for that year was only about $25,270. Mississippi was a close second in the number of employed dispatchers, but reported a yearly income average of about $24,370 and Alabama, reported an annual income of about $29,230.

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There were two states with high employment rates that reported an annual income that was above the national average: Alaska, which reported an average income of about $44,970 per year, and Wyoming, which reported an average income of about $37,560 per year.

The BLS reported the top-paying states for dispatchers by metropolitan and non-metropolitan area.

Top-Paying Metropolitan areas:

Top-Paying Non-Metropolitan area:

  • Mother Lode Region of California non-metropolitan area: $50,580
  • North Coast Region of California non-metropolitan area: $47,850
  • Central Washington non-metropolitan area: $47,240

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